Buy Night Horrors the Unbidden (Mage the Awakening) by Matthew McFarland ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Gnomon (From Night Horrors the Unbidden) and “Ghosts of Christmas” The effect will be addictive, so Mages would return to Gnomon for more power, Maybe showing them past and future connected to their Awakening?. “Night Horrors: The Unbidden” is full of examples of abnormal magical effects, by uncontroled overload of magic, this unused magic causes changes. A race of Awakened-Borns whose awake before birth and transmit this.

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Night Horrors the Unbidden by Matthew McFarland

Search in titles only. So my chronicle “Sixth World” is about new world after It’s date is precisly at 24th December ofand as game is planned at 29th of this year December – Christmas Special is totally in order.

I wanted to use Gnomon before, as he is perfect fit for my chronicle premise, with granting instant power and my game set in London. And on my main chronicle topic – London Condillium – Gideon got idea that he used 3 Spirits of Rank 2 that players mistaken for Christmas Ghosts.

Gnomon – I found setting up an informal “spirit court” around it worked very well. The three spirits were aspected to Rage, Pride and Gluttony.


They would feed off of the emotions of the “gifted”, and then try to drive them to folly and death for the added rush. It worked well and added a second layer to the mystery, as the 3 spirits were not behaving as Gnomon would.


And yes there was a brief moment where a player tried to associate the three spirits to the spirits of Christmas past, present and future Especially since Gnomon makes a lousy St. The last two members of the Cabal ended up fleeing, and became awaiening pair of semi-broken mages to trouble the PC later.

Gnomon ( From Night Horrors the Unbidden ) and “Ghosts of Christmas” – Onyx Path Forums

Lastly, the spirit of Gluttony was a Ridden, who was descending into cannibalism – this helped me tie the story into an Abysmalleaves story. Last edited by wyrdhamster ; Byzantine Empire in Middle Ages — A. Are you planning to have the spirits actually use their numina or influences on the players, to show gorrors bits of the past and future?

Last edited by Michael ; Originally posted by Michael View Post. So here are my drafts of Spirits to be used in this plot. Comments and insight on them would be very appreciated. Spirit of Magical Past Centuries ago this entity was being of Past and memory.

Night Horrors the Unbidden

It didn’t matter what kind of memory it resurface, only the emotional impact image of past was having on subject. But then this being connected with Time Arcanum using Mage that was very curious about some time paradoxical room in London Hospital and it’s inhabitant.

When his previous target was driven insane by Gnomon, Spirit of Past choose to stay with being and it’s hover in Twilight near it. Even if those spirits started as beings of Memory, Outcome and Future, they all develop affinity to magic and knowledge, what grants Gnomon. Because of this now mixed nature, spirit resurface memories connected to magic — like first time person thought about wish granting beings for example Santa Claus or he stopped to believe in magic altogether, totally submerge it’s self in Lie.


Like in the moment young man understood that no magic can bring back his loved one girlfriend, even if he tried rituals. It resemblance the thing that symbolize best magical past of person. Be it Santa Claus, to whom character still really believes, or loved-one that died in car accident and left void in heart. Once chosen form based on most strong memory, it will remain in it, acting like daimon from Astral Space to generated visions.

Power 7, Finesse 9, Resistance 5 Willpower: Memories 2, Magic 1 Numina: Magical Past is the being of memory and past. Santa can be send to North Pole after talking about being nice and need for him to grant a wish.

Long-lost loved one can be put to final rest with confronting the inability to change the past and saving it with magic. Help Contact Us Unbiddden to top.